Research Projects

  1. Personalized learning system
  2. Gamified online learning system
  3. Determining Learning Path in online learning system
  4. Integrating Knowledge Management Techniques and HCI Principles for Effective Online Learning, funded by University Grants Commission (UGC).
  5. Student Retention in Higher Education using Machine Learning Technology.
  6. Implementing Data Mining methods in Online Learning System.
  7. Study of Pedagogy in Online Learning System.
  8. Identification of Online Learning Users in Online Learning System.
  9. Developing MOOC on Scientific Research Writing, funded by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).
  10. MOOC for Higher Education in Nepal, funded by IDRC, Canada and administered by FIT-ED, Philippenes under the theme “Digital Learning for Development (DL4D)”.
    For project details: Click here.
  11. Enhancing Online Learning by implementing Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques.
  12. Usability Evaluation of MOODLE in Kathmandu University.